Financial trading is no different from any other form of trade. As you know, in order to make a profit, there must be a process of buying and selling assets. Financial trading (securities trading) is the purchase and sale of financial assets. It is done in two ways: At the Stock exchange  or over-the-counter. The exchange is a highly organized market place where you can trade with a particular type of instrument. For example, you can trade US stocks, European and Turkish stock exchanges through MFX Trading as an intermediary broker. MFX Trading is also a member of the Baku Stock Exchange. We provide access to investors for all financial instruments (all stocks, bonds, etc.) traded on the Stock Exchange. We also offer a margin trading service to investors to trade all currency pairs.

What is a trader?

An Authorized Trader in Azerbaijan means a person authorized to act on behalf of an Investment Company on the Exchange, certified by the Baku Stock Exchange.

In the international market, a trader is understood as a person who buys and sells financial instruments in order to make a profit. Some traders remain loyal to a particular instrument or asset class, while others have more diverse portfolios. Some do a lot of research before trading, some read charts and focus on trends. But trading all have one thing in common - they all carry risks. Risk is a key concept for any type of financial trading. Regardless of which instrument is traded, who trades or where the trade takes place, balancing potential earnings with risk is the key to a successful trading strategy.