Capital Market

By purchasing an underwriting service at MFX-Trading Investment Company, you can raise money on the capital market by issuing shares or bonds.
Government securities can be purchased at the preliminary announced auctions of the Ministry of Finance through "MFX-Trading Investment Company" OJSC
For this, an underwriting agreement is concluded with MFX-Trading Investment Company , provided there is a notarized extract from the State Register, TIN, the founder's decision on the issue of securities, the decision to appoint a director. Also, regardless of the method of placement, an agreement is concluded with the National Depository Center (for registration of issued securities and custody services).

The procedure for purchasing shares is as follows.

• Sign an agreement with the investment company MFX-Trading.

• An account is opened with the National Depository to store a security.

• Submit an application for the purchase of shares to the Investment Company.

• The order amount is transferred to the account of the investment company.

• Depending on the supply and demand generated on the exchange, the Order is executed.

The investment company MFX-Trading regularly sends its clients marketing research material, releases and information about the current situation in the markets.

At the request of the existing law and regulatory authority, orders must be received only in the form of a document by an authorized trader in the office of the Investment Company. Nevertheless for the convenience of customers, orders can be received from the customer via WhatsApp or SMS, provided that the written document is signed later (1 day). 

We can make several offers on an internal or external exchange to build a portfolio.

You can take advantage of our proposals for the formation of your investment portfolio.

We can help build a low-risk portfolio by investing in low-risk government bonds or domestically secured corporate bonds.

Your foreign exchange risk arises from the fact that instruments traded on foreign exchanges are denominated in the currency of that country. However, portfolios managed in foreign currencies can be a good way to avoid devaluation. The main features that distinguish foreign exchanges from domestic assets: high liquidity, market structure in accordance with various strategies, long-term statistics, a large number of assets and an average annual return of 9% (the American S&P 500 has shown a 9% return over the past 50 years)

Currently, among the open joint stock companies that pay dividends in the local market, one can name only "International Bank" OJSC and "Kapital Bank" OJSC. In the foreign market, there are many dividend paying companies (Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks, Microsoft, etc.).

Within the Investment Company, investment operations are carried out through an electronic system. If there are any doubts about any transaction, the client can be informed within the capabilities of the electronic system. 
Through the websites of the Baku Stock Exchange and all investment companies in Azerbaijan, as well as the National Depository Center, you can use regularly updated information on all transactions and auctions in the domestic market, market maker quotes, secondary market and government bonds. 
With "MFX-Trading Investment Company" you can make long-term investments (for example, 10, 15-year) both in the local and foreign markets, purchasing both stocks and long-term bonds at a fixed annual interest rate. 
Any transaction on the local exchange market is only possible through an investment company. On foreign exchanges, you can trade shares through trading terminals provided by the partners of the MFX-Trading Investment Company, meaning that, you can manage your personal investments on a foreign platform (by logging in under your personal username and password). 
Within the framework of the Training and Education Program of the Investment Company MFX-Trading, it is planned to organize courses and workshops related to financial markets twice a year. Any university student or anyone interested in this topic can apply.  
Investment company MFX-Trading will provide relevant market research to its common and special clients. 
For effective use of free funds, you can use short-term investment instruments available in the domestic and foreign markets in cooperation with MFX-Trading Investment Company
Unlike a bank deposit, you can sell any securities on the secondary market at any time and even get additional income under favorable market conditions.
MFX-Trading Investment Company offers all the main and auxiliary investment services provided for investment companies by the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on Securities.